Audit registration ECG Audits - Step 1 (Price calculator)

Auditanmeldung V02
The standard ECG audit certification body:
International Federation for the Economy for the Common Good e.V.

Stresemannstr. 23, 22769 Hamburg, Germany VR 24207

The audit process from registration to audit certificate

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Nonprofit organization
Discount for non-profit organizations: 20%
Discount for recertification audit with delta report: 20%. Without delta report, a repeat audit is treated as a first-time audit. This is only if the last audit (not peer-evaluation) is no older than 2 years (date of certification)
Discount for M5.0 compact balance: 10%

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If you have selected the appropriate price for your audit order, the button on the left will take you to the audit application. The set data and the calculated price are automatically transferred to the order.

Your company data and the necessary files for conducting the audit are added in the application.

Only when you send the audit order ("Send" button) AND confirm the email link in the order confirmation email received immediately afterwards (check your spam folder if necessary!), the audit order is considered as bindingly placed.

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